Sweat healthy and enjoyable at the Achensee

Going to the sauna is much more than just wellness. A sauna session strengthens the blood circulation, the circulation and is simply good for body and soul. A sauna session strengthens the immune system and is therefore perfect, especially in the cold months, to strengthen one's immune system.

Our saunas:
In the Naturhotel Alpenblick
  • Finnish sauna
  • Vitality sauna
  • Osmania steam bath
  • Alpine herbal sauna
Sauna area

The sauna landscape Seezeit offers the right thing for every sauna lover. Whether for the experienced in the Finnish sauna with 90°C or for sauna beginners in the vitality sauna with about 55°C.

Our Osmania steam bath is cleansing and nurturing. Here the muscles relax, and the mind also comes to rest. In combination with our peeling, it also promises a pleasant skin feeling.

The 40°C whirlpool in the middle of the sauna area also refreshes and invigorates the spirit.


Alpine herbal sauna
In the Naturhotel Alpenblick

Our alpine herbal sauna is located above our infinity pool. The scent of organic herbs, which changes daily, takes the sauna experience to a new level. The breathtaking view of Lake Achensee is just another highlight of the sweat room. Directly in front of the sauna is a large panoramic terrace, which is ideal for cooling down and refreshing after your sauna session.



Rest and relax
In our relaxation rooms

In our two relaxation rooms, RUHEZEIT and BERZGEIT, with cozy loungers and our Alpenblick feel-good blankets, you will truly find peace and relaxation. The magnificent view above the mountains and Lake Achensee will make you feel even more at home.

Our recommendation
for your sauna session:
  • Please plan enough time for your sauna session. Resting between sauna sessions is very important.
  • Try not to go to the sauna with an empty or too full stomach, as this can strain the circulation.
  • For the ideal sauna session should be achieved, no more than 3 sweating or cooling phases.
  • A tip for sauna beginners: place yourself in one of the lower rows - there the temperature is not so high.
  • Please do not stay in the sauna longer than 15 minutes per sauna session.
  • Cool down slowly after the sauna session. It is best to stay in the fresh air for a while.
  • Sweating while taking a sauna causes the body to lose fluids. So we ask you not to go to the sauna thirsty.
  • After each sauna session, we recommend our tea bar to replenish lost fluids.