Kleines Segelboot auf dem kristallklaren Achensee im SommerMann bei einer Wanderung auf einer Wiese in den Bergen im Sommer bei DämmerungAlte Alm auf einer Hütte in den Bergen in Sommer mit wolkenlosem Himmel


Things to know about the region

Nestled in the breathtaking mountain landscape of the Karwendel and Rofan mountains lies Tyrol's largest lake - Lake Achensee. The region, of which this natural jewel is the center, captivates with incomparable natural beauty and attracts visitors with countless sports and cultural activities.

Lake Achensee
the "Fjord of Tyrol”

If you look at the deep blue Achensee in front of its incomparable mountain backdrop, the comparison to Norwegian fjords almost imposes itself. Created after the last ice age, Tyrol's largest lake attracts swimmers, surfers and sailors every summer.

Lake Achensee is fed by underground tributaries from Ampelsbach, Dürrach and the Achenkirch springs. In 1927, an underground tunnel was built from the Seespitz to the Jenbach hydroelectric power plant, and thus Lake Achensee serves as a natural water reservoir. It also serves as a reservoir for the power plant of the same name in Jenbach.

Karwendel Mountains

Together with the Achen-Valley, Lake Achensee forms the border between the Karwendel Mountains and the Rofan Mountains. Today, the Karwendel Mountains are the largest area in Central Europe that is not permanently inhabited. With its approximately 200 peaks, this lonely mountain paradise attracts alpinists, photographers and nature lovers from all over the world.

The Karwendel Mountains are also home to Austria's largest nature park - the Karwendel Nature Park. Due to the above-average proportion of natural habitats, numerous typical animal and plant species of the Alps can be found there, such as the golden eagle, the common sandpiper or the German tamarisk.

Rofan Mountains

Simply called "Rofan" by the locals, the Rofan Mountains rise between the Inn Valley and Lake Achen. The Rofan Mountains are famous for their rugged rock formations, between which wide high alpine pastures stretch. While in summer mountain hikers and climbers are on the move here, in winter the Rofan becomes a skiing and above all touring paradise.

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