On the track of nature

Not only our chef Christian is responsible for the culinary delights, but also carefully selected products from local and regional producers. True to our motto - on the trail of nature - we strive to incorporate as many regional products as possible into our cuisine.

Therefore, we are very proud to have many regional partners, who are also trying to produce high quality products.

Here is a small overview of our regional partners

Spring fishpond
in Schwendt

The resort offers the purest spring water from the mountain on 2 hectares, well-tended meadows, beautiful fishing spots, the Seestüberl with its terrace on the water and a direct view of the north faces of the wild emperor.

from the Buchacker-Alm in Radfeld

This elegant breed of cattle is one of the favorites of restaurateurs and meat connoisseurs. Take: pure mother animal husbandry, add a lot of fresh alpine grass and mix it with a lot of commitment.

Distillery Kostenzer
in Maurach

Delicious spirits from the local distillery Kostenzer in Maurach are waiting for you at the hotel bar of the Naturhotel Alpenblick.

in Thaur

The Kinzachhof, which has been managed by the HOFMANN family since 1860, is surrounded by an alpine landscape near Thaur in Tyrol. Three generations are traditionally responsible for growing vegetables.

Rock cellar cheese dairy Plangger
in Niederndorf

Quality and environmental awareness are the principles according to which the Plangger family business is run.

  • Potatoes from the Raggl farmer in Roppen
  • Crunchy apples from Menghin in South Tyrol
  • Cheese and alpine butter from the alpine dairy Reith im Alpbachtal
  • Farm yoghurt from the Klausenhof in Pertisau
  • Fresh bread and pastries from the Schipflinger bakery in Kirchbichl
  • Organic muesli from Verival in Langkampfen